2017 Results | Grayland Open

2017 Grayland Open Results

2017 Results | Grayland Open 2

Master’s class

1. Chris Batten (Idaho)

2. Dave Collins aka Bart (hood canal)

3. Rick Pierce (Canada)

4. Roy Rook (Crescent City California)


Fixed Steer

1. Bailee Jones (Crescent City CA)

2. Anthony Bellanca (Seattle Wa)

3. Dan Lindgren (Aberdeen Wa)

4. Cory Rehder (Medford Oregon)



1. Sebastian Serphin (Kenmore Wa)

2. Austin Farr (Hood Canal Wa)

3. Jayson Zialcita (Portland Oregon)

4. Blain Wruck


Amateur (main event)

1. Brian Wells (paulsbo)

2. Collin McLauchlin aka Sensi Sci (Oregon)

3. Demian Morgan (Clarkston Wa)

4. John Weigel (Seattle Wa)


Sickest trick

Demian Morgan (Scarecrow Barrel Roll)


Gnarliest Wipout

Brian Wells


Projam Champions

Anthony Anderson (Friday)

Pete Mcaffe (Sunday)


Motosurf race stand up

Austin Farr (Friday, Sat)

Curtis Pitman (Sunday)


Motosurf Race Runabout

Bailee Jones (Friday)

Anthony Bellanca (Sat.)

Dan Lindgren (Sunday)


Broken Ski Award

Cory Redher (Broken Pipe)

Special thank you to all of the sponsors that made this year one of the best years ever.
Thank You!!
2017 Results | Grayland Open 1

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